Online Photography Museum

gw1For photography fans you might be familiar with George Eastman Kodak House. Yes, this is reportedly the oldest museum in the world. Kodak House, itself was founded around the House and garden owned by George Eastman. He is the founder of the legendary company of Eastman Kodak Company.

Unfortunately, due to its location way overseas for some fans (in USA), then it is not easy to visit the museum. But it goes without worry, now museum George Eastman Kodak House joined Google Art Project. Through this collaboration, anyone can view a ‘ treasure trove ‘ stored in the museum George Eastman Kodak House, without having to go to New York, United States.
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Shooting preparation

snpA photographer of course will not stop to hunting photos to add to the number of images in the portfolio. But for hunting photo was of course we should not do so, because the original activities planned in photo hunting mature will be sharpen our photos later results starting from the concept, etc.

Why you should choose a unique place? It is because we certainly want our photos different results with another photographer. Don’t choose where hunting is already commonly used by photographers as a place of hunting. Even if it can place altogether have not been came or not thought of by other photographers as the place of hunting.
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Learning Photography step by step

Learning digital photography is something complex. Therefore many people probably get confuse how to start or where to begin? well this post seeks to provide practical steps in learning photography.

First of all we need a camera. Based on the size of the sensor, the camera is divided into two, a pocket camera and a DSLR camera. Then what is the difference between a pocket camera and a DSLR camera? I was just able to buy pocket camera, if I could not learn photography with a pocket camera? Don’t be afraid, though inexpensive, pocket camera has its own advantages and don’t make obstruction to learn photography.
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srlSurealism are influence by many surrealist theory of psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud about the lack of insanity in the anatomism and dreams. Surrealism is often appear illogical and full of fantasy, as though painted in a dream.

Surrealist figures are
Salvador Dali
Maxt Ernest
Jona Mirod


ddThe Dadaism is a concept from the concept of the previous rebels. This flow is having the attitude of emancipation laws of art which has been in force. Characteristics of the flow of this cynical, none and trying to eliminate illusion. This event will be based on the flow by the first world war who never stops.

The war that never turns off the impression that the loss of the social value of the aesthetic value in the face of the Earth, so there is no aesthetic of Dada’s views in the work of art. Figures whom active with Dadaism painting are Paul klee, Scwitters Tritan Tzara, Janco Maron etc.